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Welcome to Me, My Money and I!

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We are dedicated to making your life easier by helping you take charge of you paper work. Whether you need just a little direction or step-by-step instruction, Me, My, Money, and I can help you with all your accounting needs to keep your business and your life running smoothly. We are here to save you money by providing the necessary knowledge and expertise that will increase your profit and decrease the money loss. Unlike many accounting firms, we give straight answers on how much help you really need and how much money you can save. Our consulting will give you the necessary tools and education to manage your accounting more successfully, and give you advice when you feel like you need one!

97 North Center Street
American Fork, UT 84003
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We provide:

  • business setup
  • bookkeeping
  • payroll
  • financial statements
  • income statements
  • bank statements and reconciliation
  • pre tax season consulting
  • tax return filing
  • financial advising SEP, 401(k), annuities and etc.

On to financial success!

American Fork, Orem, Pleasent Grove, Lehi, Provo, Eagle Mountain, Utah County Tax Preparation, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial Statements, Income statements, bank statements, tax return filing and financial advising.

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